1. Q. Does it can be used like waste bin?

    Ans: Yes

  2. Q. Does odour or insecticide problem cause while using to deposit waste?

    Ans: No

  3. Q. Can use water to clean outside of the incinerator?

    Ans: No

  4. Q. How to clean the incinerator?

    Ans: Weekly once cleaning

  5. Q. Can it burn without fuel and electricity?

    Ans: Yes. Fuel and Electricity is not compulsory.

  6. Q. Ash colour white or black?

    White coloured ash

  7. Q. Maintenance?

    Ans: Easy Maintenance

  8. Q. Service?

    Ans: Lifetime service available

  9. Q. Customer desired capacity available?

    Ans: Yes. We design as per customer requirement.

  10. Q. Is it Portable?

    Yes. It is portable

  11. Q. Is it possible to install the incinerator on the top of the building?


  1. Q. Does the fuel is compulsory to burn waste?

    Ans: No

  2. Q. Benefit of using fuel?

    Ans: Fuel helps to raise the temperature quickly. So it is possible to burn all types of waste with less smoke.

  3. Q. Suitable fuel for incinerator?

    Ans: LPG fuel method

  4. Q. Is it possible to burn wet or dry waste like kitchen waste, fish waste, meat waste etc?

    Ans: LPG firing method is suitable to all types of waste. It will raise high temperature quickly.

  5. Q. What types waste can be used in incinerator?

    Ans: All types of general waste other than metal & glass

  6. Q. Available capacities?

    50 Kg, 100 Kg, 200 Kg, 300 Kg ,500 Kg,1 Ton and as per customer requirement.

  7. Q. What is meant by the capacity? Eg: 100 Kg?

    Ans: 100 Kg waste can burn in 2 to 4 hours

  8. Q. Is it possible to feed waste at the time of burning?

    Ans : Yes

  9. Q. Does the temperature come outside?

    Ans : No

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